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Beauty Treatments

Waxing and Tinting

Half leg 15-20 mins Lower leg £14.00 Upper leg £16.00
Full leg 25 mins £18.00
Bikini 10-15 mins £10.00
Brazilian bikini wax (strip left) 15-20 mins £15.00
Hollywood bikini wax (everything off!) 30 mins £26.00
Eyebrow 15 mins £8.00
Underarm 10 mins £7.00
Lip 10 mins £6.00
Chin 10 mins £6.00
½ arm 15 mins £10.00
full arm 25 mins £16.00
back wax 30 mins £20.00
Eyebrow tint 10 mins £7.00
Eyelash tint 15 mins £10.00

Fake Bake Spray Tanning

Spraytan 185x250

Spray tanning is a great, safe way of getting a tan regardless of where you live and what time of the year it is. If you live somewhere that doesn't see a lot of sunbathing weather (Lewis!) it doesn't matter - you can still get a perfect sun-kissed tan simply by having it sprayed on. The same goes for the winter months when the sunshine isn't strong enough to cause natural tanning, or if you work indoors throughout the day and rarely get to bask in the sunshine.

The results from spray tanning are much better than applying creams and lotions by hand, plus the application process is a lot less messy. The perfect tanning solution for weddings and special occasions.

Fake Bake Spray Tan works upon contact with your skin giving you the ability to get the ultimate tan without turning orange or mahogany! You will have a natural sun-kissed glow in no time at all!

Please make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the skin thoroughly several times in the week before your tan and on the day itself exfoliate your whole body and face and moisturize only dry areas.

After washing off the tan, moisturize thoroughly twice a day and after the third day begin exfoliating gently to ensure the tan comes off evenly.

Remember that the preparation and aftercare is just as important as the application itself. For more information and tips go to

Full Body Fake Bake Spray Tan (15-20 mins) £26.00
Half Body Fake Bake Spray Tan (10 mins) £17.00