Bliss Therapy

Holistic health and beauty

stress reduction + deep relaxation



  • incredibly relaxing + activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which puts our body into the state of rest and balance.

  • + triggers natural dopamine stimulation that decreases pain responses in the body.

  • + promotes local and systemic blood circulation and speeds the healing of inflammation which helps a variety of health conditions.

  • + helps with allergic rhinitis, acne, asthma, anxiety, back pain, bell's palsy, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, colds and flu, cystitis, depression, eczema and psoriasis, endometriosis, facial pain, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, gastrointestinal tract disorders, headaches, hypertension, infertility, inflammation, insomnia, IBS, knee pain, menopause, MS, migraines, neck pain, neuropathic pain, osteoarthritis, Parkinson's, PTSD, PMS, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, sinusitis, sports injuries, stress, substance misuse, tennis elbow, thyroid issues, type-2 diabetes, vertigo.

  • first acupuncture treatment including initial consultation:

1 hour £35

  • subsequent treatments:

45 mins £30

  • each treatment is tailored specifically to suit the individual client.

  • other modalities such as cupping and moxibustion may be used as part of the acupuncture treatment depending on the presenting symptoms.

Cupping therapy

  • relaxation: suction cups provide a negative pressure on the skin, muscles + fascia.

  • + a very relaxing and soothing experience.

  • + promotes blood circulation + speeds up muscle recovery. 

  • negative pressure from the suction allows new blood to flow into the area of tissue with several benefits > provides a feeling of relief from physical and emotional tensions > begins the healing and regeneration process > the exchange of blood allows the removal of toxins + dead cells > enhances circulation > warms the skin + softens tissues to regain elasticity > reduces inflammation.

  • 45 mins £30

Prescription Therapy


  • focus = back, neck + shoulders.
  • techniques = acupuncture, cupping, restorative aromablend.
  • alleviates stress and tension in the back, neck + shoulder area. Relaxes + soothes muscles.
  • 50 mins £38


  • focus = lower back area
  • techniques = cupping, acupuncture, rescue aromablend.
  • eases muscular tension in the lower back + hips, keeps lower back pain + discomfort at bay.
  • 50 mins £38


  • focus = neck, shoulders, face + scalp.
  • techniques = acupuncture, cupping, acupressure + craniosacral therapy.
  • relieves the build up of stress + tension in the neck, face + scalp, relaxes + soothes muscles.
  • 1 hour £40


  • focus = anxiety + stress.
  • techniques = kinetic shift, acupuncture, aromacalm blend.
  • reduces the anxiety + stress of an overactive mind, calms + relaxes the nervous system.
  • 1 hour £45


  • focus = sinus congestion.
  • techniques = acupuncture, breathe aromablend, sinus massage + hopi candles.
  • unblocks + moves congestion from the sinus area which can cause pain, pressure + headaches.
  • 45 mins £35


  • focus = insomnia + sleep issues.
  • acupuncture, moxa, sleep aromasleep blend.
  • alleviates the symptoms of insomnia and reduces the stress + anxiety that come with not getting good quality sleep.
  • 1 hour £45


  • focus = fatigue, tiredness, low energy.
  • techniques = acupuncture, reflexology, aromaboost blend.
  • boosts + energises a sluggish nervous system.
  • 1 hour £40


  • focus = hormone rebalancing.
  • techniques = acupuncture, aromabalance blend, reflexology.
  • helps bring the body back into balance after any hormonal changes have taken place.
  • 1 hour £40

  • prescription treatments may be modified or combined for each individual treatment. Lifestyle and dietry advice may be included.
  • a course of treatments (6-10) is recommended for optimum results.

Holistic Therapy

Kinetic shift therapy

  • focus = stress, phobias, fears, anxiety, pain, negative emotions, trauma, PTSD, limiting beliefs, migraines + more.

  • technique = kinetic shift is an incredibly fast, dynamic + effective technique that utilizes a combination of methods to treat phobias, fears, anxieties, trauma and much more.

  • info = It is content free which means the practitioner does not need to know the specific problem. It can be implemented as a stand alone therapy or incorporated into other therapy sessions.

  • history = originally created by Karl Smith from UK Hypnosis Academy. Karl's background is in the military and police fire arms and he originally created the technique to help those suffering from PTSD. It is not classic therapy. It makes rapid changes and fits in wel with today's requirements for therapy to be quick and effective.

  • allow 1 hour £45

Craniosacral therapy

  • a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain + dysfunction +improve whole-body health and performance.

  • pioneered and developed by Osteopathic Physician John E. Upledger

  • 55 mins £35


  • a gentle foot massage applied to specific reflex points on the feet which correspond to different areas of the body.

  • helps with relaxation, sleep + stress relief.

  • helps the body restore balance naturally.

  • 55 mins £35

Facial Therapy

Bliss AcuRadiance therapy

  • a vibrant combination of the Bliss aromafacial with specific gentle facial acupuncture to build and repair collagen and elastin, promote vibrancy and luminosity, refine lines and soften deep wrinkles, stimulate blood and lymphatic flow for radiant skin.

  • 55 mins £42

Illumination LED Mask

Anti-ageing mode (red)

  • boosts collagen, improves blood circulation, helps minimise fine lines, increases hydration, improves skin tone + texture, restores natural luminosity.

Anti-breakout (blue)

  • prevents breakouts, good for problem skin, deep cleansing,calms redness, helps fight infection and kills bacteria.
  • both can be combined for total skin rejuvenation

  • 45 mins £40

Bliss Prescription aromafacial

  • skin analysis, double cleanse + gentle exfoliation, acupressure facial massage with aromatherapy oils, intensiveface mask, therapeutic scalp massage + specific moisturising and skin protection to suit the needs of your skin.

  • 45 mins £35

LED illumination mask (20 mins) + prescription aromafacial (35 mins)

  • 55 mins £45

Beauty Therapy


  • eyebrow tidy (10 mins) £8
  • lip wax (5 mins) £6
  • chin wax (5 mins) £6
  • underarm (10 mins) £8
  • half leg lower (15 mins) £15
  • half leg upper (20 mins) £18
  • full leg (30 mins) £24
  • bikini basic (15 mins) £10
  • bikini brazilian (25 mins) £15
  • hollywood (45-50 mins) £28

Tinting + lash lift

  • lash tint (15 mins) £10
  • brow tint (15 mins) £8
  • lash lift and tint (60 mins) £38
  • henna brows (50 mins) £25


  • spray tan (15 mins) £24


The fastest way to book is by messaging the Bliss Therapy facebook page below or by sending a text to the Bliss Therapy mobile: 07882831681